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It has been an exciting year for BioLife! Five brand new centers and one relocated center have opened since July 2014, with one opening every single month. The first to open this year was Grandville, MI in July. The Bellingham, WA center relocated shortly after in August. We then entered not one, but two, new states with Loveland, CO in September and Douglasville, GA in October. We also hit a big milestone with the Douglasville center; it became our 70th BioLife plasma center! The West Fargo, ND center followed in November and we are wrapping up the year with the opening of the St. George-Dixie, UT center.

2014 was filled with many successful center openings thanks to the plasma center teams that worked so diligently and made every project incredibly rewarding. We have our sights set on 2015 to be filled with many new adventures. We have already broken ground on 7 new facilities so far for next year, with more to come!

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Visa Debit Card

BioLife donors are the reason that so many people who receive plasma therapies are living healthy lives. The least we can do is compensate them for it! Check out our new Visa Prepaid Card FAQs to learn more about donor compensation at BioLife.

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