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BioLife Mobile Site is Here!

BioLife Mobile

If you try to access the easyScheduler website from your iPhone or Android Phone, you will automatically be redirected to the BioLife mobile site.  Since this is a mobile web application it can be accessed through your mobile web browser.  You will NOT have to download anything from the App Store or Android Market.

With BioLife Mobile you will be able to do the following quickly and easily:

  • Login using your easyScheduler User ID and Password
  • View Upcoming appointments
  • Schedule a new appointment
  • Modify an existing appointment
  • Delete an existing appointment
  • Reset and email your password

Please access easyScheduler from your desktop or laptop to do the following:

  • Register as a new donor
  • Modify your profile information
  • Modify your scheduling preferences
  • Modify your Notification preferences
  • Change your User ID
  • View donation history
  • View messages to donors
  • View upcoming promotions