Become a Donor -- Visa Prepaid Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BioLife Card and how does it work?

The BioLife Visa® Prepaid Card is the compensation method for plasma donations at BioLife. Following each donation, your funds are automatically loaded to your card, offering safe, secure and convenient access to your funds.

Your BioLife Card is a Visa prepaid card that can be used to make purchases wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. It can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs.

Is the BioLife Card a credit card?

There is no credit line associated with your BioLife Card, and there is no credit check or approval process required to receive and use your card. The purchase and withdrawal limit is the balance on your card.

What should I do when I receive my BioLife Card?

Before you use your card for the first time, it must be activated.

To activate your card and choose a PIN, call 1-888-472-0099 and follow the voice prompts. You will be required to enter your 16-digit card number and your date of birth.

Once your card is activated, sign the back and review the materials contained in your card package, including the schedule of fees printed on the back of the card carrier. We also recommend registering on the cardholder website to access additional information and features.

How do I access the cardholder website?

Your card number is required in order to register and access the cardholder website the first time. During registration, you create a username and password, which is used to access the site going forward. To register, go to and follow the steps below.

  1. Click “Register your card now” under the “First time user” section
  2. Enter your card number and security code (located on back of your card)
  3. Enter a username and password
  4. Verify your mailing address (if your address is incorrect, you may change it before submitting your registration)
  5. You may also enter a mobile number, allowing you to use the text balance service
  6. Enter your email address (required)
  7. Review and accept the terms of use
  8. Click “Submit”

The next time you visit the site, use your user ID and password to log in.

How do I withdraw cash at an ATM using my BioLife Card?

You can withdraw cash at any ATM that bears the Visa logo.

You will not be charged a fee for your first in-network ATM withdrawal following each load. To locate the nearest in-network ATM, visit the cardholder website at Please note: Fee-free withdrawals do not accrue.

In-network ATMs include:

  • Citibank
  • Money Pass
  • 7 Eleven
  • Allpoint

To complete an ATM withdrawal:

  1. Insert or swipe your card
  2. Enter your four-digit PIN
  3. Select withdraw and choose “Checking” as the account type
  4. Don’t forget to take your cash, card and receipt!

Can I withdraw cash at a bank using my BioLife Card?

Yes. You can request cash from a teller inside any Visa member bank. Just present your card and government issued ID to the teller, and request a “cash advance.” You may be asked to complete a withdrawal form. Remember to take your card, cash and receipt!

To locate the nearest Visa member bank, visit the cardholder website at

Can I transfer money from my BioLife Card to my personal bank account?

Yes. You can transfer money directly from your card to your bank account by logging in to the cardholder website and clicking on the “Access $” tab. Your bank account number and routing number are required to complete a transfer (you can find this information on a personal check or by contacting your bank). The money will appear in your bank account in 2-3 business days. If the transfer amount is $300 or greater, you will not be charged a fee.

Is there a fee to check my BioLife Card balance?

You will not be charged a fee to check your balance if you text BAL to 445544 (carrier rates apply), access your account online at, or call the number on the back of your card.

A fee will be applied if you check your balance at an ATM.

Note: Before using the text balance service, you must enter your mobile number on the Profile page at

How do I make purchases using my BioLife Card?

You can use your card to make purchases in two ways:

  1. Choose CREDIT and sign for the purchase
  2. Choose DEBIT and enter your PIN

Some merchants offer a “cash back” option when DEBIT is selected. Before presenting your card, ask the merchant if the “cash back” option is available.

Can I add additional money to my BioLife Card?

No. You may not add additional money to your card; however, BioLife will load money to your card each time you donate.