Current Donor -- Visa Prepaid Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the purchase amount is more than the balance on my BioLife Card?

If the purchase amount is more than the balance on your card, you may perform a “split payment” transaction by following the steps below.

  1. Tell the cashier you’d like to use two forms of payment
  2. Use your card as the first form of payment (depending on the merchant, you may need to tell the cashier the exact amount to deduct from your card)
  3. Pay the remaining amount with another form of payment

Can I purchase gas using my BioLife Card?

Yes. You may purchase gas using your card; however, your card will not work at the gas station pump. You must present your card to an attendant inside the gas station prior to fueling.

Can I make restaurant purchases using my BioLife Card?

Yes, but please keep in mind some restaurants will temporarily “authorize” your card for 20% more than the purchase amount in order to cover gratuity. Make sure your card balance is sufficient to cover the authorized amount; otherwise the transaction will be declined. Once the transaction settles, the actual purchase amount will be reflected in your account history and your balance will be adjusted automatically.

What if I want to return or cancel a purchase made using my BioLife Card?

If you return or cancel a purchase made with your card, the purchase amount will be credited back to your card. Please note: Merchant return policies vary and it may take up to one week for the credit to be applied to your card.

What happens if my BioLife Card is lost or stolen?

Unlike cash, your Visa prepaid card is covered by “Zero Liability” protection. If your card is ever lost or stolen, it will be replaced and any unauthorized purchases will be refunded (terms and conditions apply). To report your card lost or stolen and request a replacement, contact Citi Prepaid by phone or visit your donation center.

Although replacement cards can be issued at the donation center, it is recommended that you contact Citi by phone if you suspect unauthorized or suspicious activity on your card.

Is there a fee for BioLife Card replacements?

Yes. Refer to the materials included with your card package for a complete list of fees.

What other text message (SMS) services are available?

Text one of the prompts below to 445544 to receive the appropriate response.

  • Text BAL to get your card balance
  • Text PAY to get your last payment
  • Text TRANS to get your last transaction

Note: Although Citi does not charge a fee for this service, your cell phone provider may charge a fee to send or receive text messages, depending on your contract details.

What should I do if my BioLife Card is declined?

The merchant or ATM will inform you of the decline and a fee will be applied (refer to the materials included with your card for a complete list of fees).

To help prevent declines, keep track of your card balance. It is always a good idea to check your balance before using your card.

What should I do when my BioLife Card balance reaches zero?

You should always hold on to your card, even when the balance reaches zero. Your card will be reloaded each time you donate.

What is the Account Maintenance Fee and how can I avoid it?

The Account Maintenance Fee is a $3.00 monthly fee that is charged if you do not receive a load or perform a transaction (purchase, cash withdrawal, etc.) for 90 days or more. Account Maintenance Fees are not charged if your card balance is zero, and they will never result in a negative balance. Account Maintenance Fees are also waved for the first six months after your account is created. Refer to the materials included with your card for the complete Account Maintenance Fee policy.